5 minute workout #5: CARDIO HIIT

I always find these tough, my poorly knee just does not like to jump up and down! So I’m hoping you manage this better than I do! Here’s this week’s free home workout!

What we do: what to expect in classes

We have had a lot of people lately thinking that classes are real scary, full of skinny minnies and an intimidating place to start your fitness journey. So we put together a video testimonial and got our clients to talk to you: hopefully you…

Burning Rubber Bootcamp starts 7 April

Playlist of my week

If I put my week into a playlist what would it be? Lets see: Here is a summary of my week on holiday, in songs!

Day 51: taking out Riley

I was having a bit of a dilemma today: rowing or swimming, the water and the day was beautiful, if I had time I would have done both! As it was, rowing won simply because I haven’t been recently.

Sculling drill: explanation and demo

Sculling drills are used a lot in swim training, but what are they, and what do they do? During a swim lesson with a client today he asked for a demo, so we videoed it, I thought it would be useful to share.