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#4 Why are diet drinks bad for me?

Nutritionist Claire from Namaste Nutrition joins us this week to answer our question and she does this in quite some detail. Thanks Claire, for the Skype interview!

Interview: Melanie, Jack and Taylor

Thank you guys for this interview, all their own questions, the last one is hilarious!

Why should I read the small print on my gym contract?

A review of the Commerce commission report into unfair clauses in gym contracts

Introducing: the Ryding2Health WHY? Series

We have had a lot of repeated questions over the years, so have finally decided to get our acts together and tackle the most popular ones in a new YouTube WHY? series. Here’s the introduction video! Do remember to head over and subscribe so… Continue Reading “Introducing: the Ryding2Health WHY? Series”

Vlog: Celebrating international Women’s day

As part of International Women’s day, YouTube are asking all women to post a short video giving advice to their teenage self. Why not, I thought, so here’s mine. I was due a Vlog anyway. 

Photo challenge – my zigzag house!

Poor hubby has had quite a job on his hands when we decided to put a door and doorframe back where the arch into our lounge was. Little did we know till he got started (an it isn’t an easy task as it is… Continue Reading “Photo challenge – my zigzag house!”