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Daily Sanity Diaries #26 – planning your keepers

Now that you know that next week will start to change regards the working world, how does this change your bubble? What could you keep and how can you change your future to incorporate some of the present? Apologies, we only noticed just now… Continue Reading “Daily Sanity Diaries #26 – planning your keepers”

Finding time for YOU

This is something everyone knows we should do but often it’s stuck down their down the list of importance behind vital daily tasks, life stresses and many other things. ‘Me time’ doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact it should be something you… Continue Reading “Finding time for YOU”

Vlog: getting the happiness back

Today I thought I would do a Vlog update. It is essential that we do not waste time, that we make the most of out time on this earth and go after whatever dreams we have. ANYTHING is possible. 

Time for a change: for me that is!

Its been a tough few months for me, work wise. Its fair to say the work / life balance is a little off. I have been feeling rather ‘not my self’ and have decided enough is enough. I need to instigate a change and… Continue Reading “Time for a change: for me that is!”