Keep well this winter by keeping active indoors

It’s not an uncommon story; the best laid exercise plans being derailed by inclement weather and low temperatures. That run or walk gets put off and the heater gets turned up.

Let’s face it, sometimes the heat pump is more attractive than the outdoors. However, there is no better way to stay warm and stop your energy levels slumping mid winter than with a regular exercise session. Continue reading “Keep well this winter by keeping active indoors”

Winter sleep in or gym? How to motivate yourself to exercise 

On cold dark mornings the temptation to bury yourself beneath the duvet is strong. Here is some advice to help you be even stronger.
Hit the snooze button or hit the gym? When it’s shiver material beyond the cover it’s all too easy to reach over to turn the alarm off. As Ned Stark predicted, winter has come, but this is no reason for you to put your health on the backburner. Here are seven tips for helping you keep your training on track. Continue reading “Winter sleep in or gym? How to motivate yourself to exercise “

Combatting the winter blues with your mind

img_6270I’m reading a book at the moment that was lent to me by a client. Now, although it’s not entirely unfamiliar a concept, it’s a slightly different way to look at the same thing. In effect, your thoughts become your actions. So if you decide you have the winter blues, then it will come true. However, if you decide the opposite, it will also come true, whether you believe it truly or not. Continue reading “Combatting the winter blues with your mind”