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Strength = lean: why the gym is important

I see this mistake so much, spotted this picture and thought it illustrated it beautifully. When New Years resolutions are made, they often say ‘weight loss’, it’s how people talk when they say they are going on a ‘diet’. That’s not actually what we… Continue Reading “Strength = lean: why the gym is important”

Common Q/A for a personal trainer

There’s always some similar questions and answers that a personal trainer gets asked. Everyone wonders, some ask me, some don’t. Over the years I find I answer the same questions, to different people. Here are four common questions I get asked.

Can heavy lifting increase endurance performance?

You may have read recent claims that lifting heavy weights can improve your endurance ability – but is there any truth in it? It may sound bizarre but there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that the right sort of strength training can help… Continue Reading “Can heavy lifting increase endurance performance?”

Body builder told she’s ‘fat’

This story, reported today in the metro, a London based free newspaper, doesn’t surprise me at all.

Body image: not just a female issue

Very Interesting that I spotted this discussion in the local paper today. We always assume body image is a woman thing. But not necessarily. Guys are just as susceptible to magazine cover models as girls are.

Importance of ‘The Core’!

I am not sure what you guys out there think with regards to core and strength training but I know quite a lot of people traditionally have considered it something that you incorporate into winter training schedules, in preparation for something different and more… Continue Reading “Importance of ‘The Core’!”