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Your butt wont change shape if you keep sitting on it!

Christmas is a time of celebration, of indulgence (usually, although one of my clients has LOST weight over Christmas despite having all the trimmings) so now is the time to get back into action. Just because you have had a week off doesn’t mean…


Its been a busy old week this week, I’m exhausted. training for me has gone out the window a little, but that is a hazard of being self employed sometimes. I am on call for relieving in local schools and at a care facility,…

Day 90: ‘diet’ or way of life?

I was having a conversation with a client this morning – casual chat – when this topic came up, and she pointed out something vitally important for everyone who is on a weight loss drive.

Day 82: A smoothie recipe and a trick with yoghurt

I decided that today was the day that I needed to exercise some balance in my life. If I’m not careful, my keen-ness to get this business off the ground will mean that I actually work 24/7. Oh how easy that would be to…

Day 76: cutting carbs 

A photo of my dinner: why? It’s an illustration of how to have dinner without major carbs included. Simple and easy tip if you’re trying to lose weight: try and make at least one meal of the day carb free. 

Day 75: weight loss summary so far 

So this week has been a good week.after a good few weeks of no change, a few minor alterations has rested in a 1.3kg loss this week! Woohoo!