#16 Why should I ignore the number on the scales?

This is such a long term repetitive issue I have with clients that I decided to do a rant today because WEIGHT DOES NOT MATTER people! There are other better ways of measuring your progress!! Continue reading “#16 Why should I ignore the number on the scales?”

#7 Resistant starch and its role in weight loss

podcast.jpgFollowing on from the second in the three part series ‘Why are we fat?’ Mikki Williden mentioned in the program that resistant starch aids weight loss. We looked into this, explain what it means, how it can help and give you tips on how to add it into your diet. Continue reading “#7 Resistant starch and its role in weight loss”

High energy on less calories?

natural_weight_loss_foods_000This blog is in response to a recent query by a client who felt they were struggling with energy levels on their calories restricted nutrition plans. So, here are some ideas for those of you trying to lose weight and still exercise well.  Continue reading “High energy on less calories?”

Your butt wont change shape if you keep sitting on it!

donut crunchChristmas is a time of celebration, of indulgence (usually, although one of my clients has LOST weight over Christmas despite having all the trimmings) so now is the time to get back into action. Just because you have had a week off doesn’t mean you need to throw the towel in!  Continue reading “Your butt wont change shape if you keep sitting on it!”


BusyIts been a busy old week this week, I’m exhausted. training for me has gone out the window a little, but that is a hazard of being self employed sometimes. I am on call for relieving in local schools and at a care facility, something that helps to supplement my wages while R2H gets its feet. So, when things come in, I cannot really say no. Continue reading “BUSY BUSY!”

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