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The New 2 DAY DIET: any good?

The Daily mail have started producing ‘a new revolutionary 2 day diet plan’, as a series of three articles in this weeks paper. What’s it all about?

Dieting can make you fatter!

I have said this before, but I always seem to end up in similar discussions where people simply do not understand because of effective media brainwashing.  The conventional approach to dieting is a disaster.

Are the New Year fad diets safe?

I was alarmed to see on the news today that equalities minister Jo Swanson was concerned about the dangerous imbalanced fad style diets that magazine are promoting in January: Crash diets to get rid of your Christmas fat. My concern is that this seems… Continue Reading “Are the New Year fad diets safe?”

why is a nutritionist vital for your weight loss goals?

Today I thought I would try my hand at a Vlog. The reason is that this question is the one that I get asked most, and is difficult to explain in the written word. There is a number of reasons why a nutritionist is… Continue Reading “why is a nutritionist vital for your weight loss goals?”