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Introducing: the Ryding2Health WHY? Series

We have had a lot of repeated questions over the years, so have finally decided to get our acts together and tackle the most popular ones in a new YouTube WHY? series. Here’s the introduction video! Do remember to head over and subscribe so…

Vlog: how to set effective goals that you can keep!

Setting goals is something we all do but more than 90% of New Years resolutions fail. So how can we do better at setting the goals in the first place?

Fitness testing? What and why

Fitness testing is such an important part of the initial health assessment for us and all our clients. We take this very seriously. We have in the past referred people back to their doctor, we have uncovered health problems that clients didn’t know they…

Vlog: a day in the life of me!

It’s been a while since I did a video, so here’s the behind the scenes look at a typical day, the non frilly stuff! let me know what you think! 

Vlog: Celebrating international Women’s day

As part of International Women’s day, YouTube are asking all women to post a short video giving advice to their teenage self. Why not, I thought, so here’s mine. I was due a Vlog anyway. 

Vlog: Happier, Healthier!

Haven’t done one for a while so here’s the happiness update blog: project get ‘me’ back again.