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Daily Sanity Diaries #11: teachers tips on coping with lock down

In today’s edition we ask a teacher for some tips for parents on how to cope with Lock down!

Daily Sanity Diaries #9

Getting through the weekend? Plus top tips for supermarket shopping 😊

Daily sanity diaries #8

[Daily Sanity Diaries #8] While we need to keep to the lock down rules.. there is one thing you MUST do to keep yourself and everyone in your family sane during tough times.

Daily Sanity Diaries #7

Today I have an important message, and some evidence that a lot of people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Daily Sanity Diaries #6

How to plan your first week of lock down!

Daily Sanity Diaries #5

A video diary of my last full day before complete lock down!