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#28 Why are weight loss pills dangerous?

A most curious question, so thank you for this one! Here is my extensive research into this very topical question and the result of my findings.

#21 Why do we strengthen muscles and not tendons?

 This weeks question is a more technical question, a great one too. We regularly talk about strengthening muscles, but what happens to the tendons? 

Tour of Southland Stage 7: final stage

It was the final stage of the tour of southland today, we decided to watch, since we haven’t managed to see any of the other stages since the prologue. 

Lochiel Long ride

I decided to go for a long ride today. The sun wasn’t exactly shining wall to wall, but enough to know I wouldn’t get wet (or blown away!) I decided to take the GoPro again and try to get a better camera angle.

Invercargill RC sprint regatta race report

From distance racing to a sprint, this would be a complete contrast to last week, and a similar distance to the Bluff Regatta a few weeks ago.

Vlog: the happiness update!

It is a month or so since I took control, decided to banish the happiness, and delete the unhappiness, in a bid to rebalance and harmonise my life.