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Coaching course weekend

I decided to grab this opportunity as Cycling New Zealand doesn’t venture this far south now that the Avantidrome is up in Cambridge. I was slightly amused that the trained was from Liverpool, England, and an ex policeman. We Ex Pats get everywhere!!

Riding on a wooden slope: back to the velodrome

Today I bit the bullet and actually went back to the velodrome. I knew it would be hard, I knew I would be out of practice (and confidence!) but I hoped that a few rotations of the boards and I would be just fine.

Track crash Tuesday!

Not exactly how I expected to spend a Tuesday. It was my first time back to the track in quite a while. I was intending to just mooch around at my own speed, ease back in slowly. I pumped the tyres up (116psi) cleaned… Continue Reading “Track crash Tuesday!”

NZ Masters games: 2 more medals!

Day 2 of the track competitions here in Dunedin and looking at this photo of my warm up bike, you would struggle to believe that it was hammering it down earlier today! 

Day 1 as something other than a triathlete

I woke up this morning feeling a bit odd. What does a NON-triathlete do? Do I keep swimming, gymming, biking? What if I actually WANT to go for a run? What do I do with all my running gear?

Round and round we go: back to the track

I remember clearly how I felt the first time I walked into the velodrome and saw the slanted track corners. I kinda felt that nervous again. It’s been a whole 6 weeks since I was last there. The track cycling race season seems to… Continue Reading “Round and round we go: back to the track”