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Day 78: Meltingly!

 Hubby came home from work today and I must have looked a right state. I was on the last rep of the Sufferfest’s ‘a very dark place’ and the place was so dark, I wasn’t communicating and waved for him to come back in a… Continue Reading “Day 78: Meltingly!”

Day 39: relaxation is key

There comes a day in your week when all the squeezing stuff in catches up with you: well today was that day. Almost 12 hours sleep, solid, and I feel recharged. 

Chicken chasing on the turbo…

So, I’m sitting on the turbo, cycling away and minding my own business. The turbo is positioned in the garage next to a window which looks out onto the ‘man cave’ and (empty) aviary. It’s around 3:30pm, but very strong gusty winds so too… Continue Reading “Chicken chasing on the turbo…”

Another year older

I started my Birthday with a steady turbo: no iPad so I tested out spotify, wow what a whole new listening experience to look forward to!