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Turbo trainer: fat burning benefits

Turbo sessions are always valuable, as they allow us to focus on technique and controlled effort without worrying about traffic and other external distractions. Here’s a session that has a 45-80 min fat burning focus.

Controlling leg speed: turbo sprints

Recovery was needed this morning, from a hard long week. So, I decided on a mid morning turbo rather than an early morning row.

Using the day wisely

I usually wake at 5am. I train at 7pm. Why’s that, I asked myself today. I waste a couple of hours each morning (apart from the days I swim) and resent training taking up the evening.

If all else fails – TURBO!

Yep, this was THIRD choice on what was a day I almost gave up on!  I decided top continue on my ‘if it aint raining it aint training’ theme and not let the rain put me off going to rowing this morning. 

Sufferfest Violator; starting how I mean to go on!

I decided to start today as I hope to go on: getting my training back on track with an early morning turbo. I have had the same few sufferfest videos for a good number of years so I treated me to a new one:… Continue Reading “Sufferfest Violator; starting how I mean to go on!”

What turbo trainer? The beginners guide

What is a turbo trainer?  It’s a gadget that allows you to turn your road bike into a stationery training tool.