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Day 74: invent-a-smoothie!

A miserable day and a spare afternoon means only one thing: swim or turbo. Since it’s Saturday afternoon, which I consider to be a nightmare time of the week to go to the pool, I opted for turbo. This time I decided to go… Continue Reading “Day 74: invent-a-smoothie!”

Day 9: leftover sufferfest turbo

Today was another busy work and admin day. But, I stuck to the plan, just like I said yesterday.

Chicken chasing on the turbo…

So, I’m sitting on the turbo, cycling away and minding my own business. The turbo is positioned in the garage next to a window which looks out onto the ‘man cave’ and (empty) aviary. It’s around 3:30pm, but very strong gusty winds so too… Continue Reading “Chicken chasing on the turbo…”

A new slant on Turbo training: leg speed

With inclement windy old spring down here (and I mean WINDY!) and dark nights rolling in up there in the Northern hemisphere, we both have a reason to use the turbo. But how about a slightly different attack? I gained this one from trying… Continue Reading “A new slant on Turbo training: leg speed”

Settling the argument: fast or slow for fat burn?

Imagine this: you only have limited time today, what type of exercise session is best for fat loss?

Guaranteed success: step OUT of the comfort zone!

When did we ever get results by repeatedly doing the exact same thing? Sometimes we get stuck in an exercise regime rut, and don’t realise till we begin to wonder why we aren’t seeing any changes. The changes only need to be small to… Continue Reading “Guaranteed success: step OUT of the comfort zone!”