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Day 10: take a chill pill Mel!

I realised today that I actually need to calm down and take a moment. I am cramming a lot into my spare time, I must remember my little ten minute ‘me time rule’ I set myself last year.

Day 3: Protein dinner

This is my smile photo today: a 20 min eyebrows appointment on my way home – mini pamper. The no junk plan is going well.

Sunny training: making the most of my outdoors

Wide open roads, blue sky, warm sun, what’s not to like about that! So I made time in my afternoon off for some exercise too. Well, it wasn’t time off, I was actually catching up on coursework. So I’ve nearly finished my PT course… Continue Reading “Sunny training: making the most of my outdoors”

Exercise and me time: busy Tuesday

Well, just 24 hours after I resurface to the world from my mystery pit, I am already doing well on my two goals. I managed both!