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Day 6: home cooking and nasty chocolate

I spotted this on facebook, and though how very true for me at the moment. When you stop doing things you don’t want to do and fill your life with things you enjoy, this is exactly what happens. I have stopped wishing my life…

Could you represent your greatest achievement in one photo?

This is a fun photo challenge this week! It is difficult to just choose one photo that means achievement for me, so I have three. There is past, recent, and future. Let me explain.

I get to do an ‘Ironman’!

How exciting! I have been dying to reveal this news, we finally entered this week. I say ‘we’ because team MARBEL is doing Challenge Wanaka! What on earth am I on about? Well let me explain. 

Why it was OK to give up triathlon

Quite often I get comments such as it is a shame you had to give up triathlon, and quit team GB so, today I decided to explain why it is OK that this has happened, and my life was forced to take another path.

Vlog: How can injury and retirement be positive?

I don’t do it all that regularly but I decided that I would make today’s blog a Vlog, just to be a little bit different. Today I talk about how this injury and retirement is a positive, and how to use setbacks and dead…

Day 1 as something other than a triathlete

I woke up this morning feeling a bit odd. What does a NON-triathlete do? Do I keep swimming, gymming, biking? What if I actually WANT to go for a run? What do I do with all my running gear?