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Day 47: the day before race day

So, here we all are, in our team shirts and ready to go! Team MARBEL is made up of Mark: runner (centre), Ben: cyclist (right) and Mel: swimmer (left) swimmer – aka Me! We actually set off in reverse order to that, but that… Continue Reading “Day 47: the day before race day”

Day 46: Challenge Wanaka race build up

Two major things to report today, the weight update and  the start of the Challenge Wanaka road trip in preparation for the big day on Sunday.

Day 14: Team M&M

Today was race day for us, team M&M, so again, nutrition up the schute for the day. It’s been quite some time since I did any part of a triathlon so I was expecting it to be hard work!

‘Race day’ race report: Team M&M do Sovereign Triathlon Wanaka

Today was meant to be the alternative day for the Big Ruby swim. Sadly it was also cancelled. Why is this sad, I’m not doing it after all? Because I knew that meant that it was windy down at the lake for the triathlon… Continue Reading “‘Race day’ race report: Team M&M do Sovereign Triathlon Wanaka”

Day 13: a cancelled race and an odd thought

Today’s food wasn’t as usual, just as I expected. And, sadly, my Big Ruby swim race was postponed due to high winds. Now it clashes with the tri, so I won’t be able to do it any more. That sucks, because I really wanted… Continue Reading “Day 13: a cancelled race and an odd thought”

Day 12: rest and prep

A funny old day. I slept through 13 hours, till 10am, most unusual so I must have needed it. I had decided today was not going to be a training day. If all goes well and the ruby isn’t postponed, I am doing a… Continue Reading “Day 12: rest and prep”