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Day 89: Happy Easter!

And no better way to spend it than in the bush, tramping. It always makes me feel better, today was no different. It’s nice just to walk, listen to the birds, and I never get bored of the view. We really should make an… Continue Reading “Day 89: Happy Easter!”

Blasting the boundaries: NO LIMITATIONS!

When is the last time you took a risk, and did it pay off? Where do I end with this daily post, Envelope Pushers there’s so many! 

Pushing yourself Beyond the limit

I went tramping today, with my OH. Nothing unusual in that? It was a difficult grade route, 8 hours in total, including an increase of elevation up to 1250m, a very steep ascent / descent. Still nothing unusual in that? I knew I would… Continue Reading “Pushing yourself Beyond the limit”

Still paying in pain: new event planned!

Oops. Well that’s all I can say. Honestly, the box jumps on Wednesday really didn’t seem too bad, and when I got pain I stopped. Still, that clearly wasn’t anywhere near enough, because it have been paying in pain ever since.

Legs 11: poles are the way forward!

There’s some things that I will have to get used to, and the evolving differences that come with it. The knee is one of them. I love hiking (tramping!) specially with so much wonderful scenery to look at and so many ‘great walks’ so… Continue Reading “Legs 11: poles are the way forward!”

As near to a duathon as I’ll ever get!

It was a beautiful day today, so it would have been rude to not go for a ride. having spent the morning doing family stuff, time was limited, and we planned to go tramping after I got back.