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Sno’ training? S’no problem!

Any normal winter and I would normally have a catalogue of excuses to NOT train outside when it was cold, raining, windy, snowing, you name it, I had a reason….. till this year. Try a knee operation and a forced complete layoff to motivate… Continue Reading “Sno’ training? S’no problem!”

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This photo challenge asks for photos that inspire you to blog. Thats quite simple. I want people to realise that ANYTHING is possible, if you have some self belief, motivation and drive. My own story of weight battles, and a journey from a fitness… Continue Reading “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration”


In recent years indoor cycling has become one of the most popular classes at the local gym, promising to help you shed pounds in a fast, effective way.  More often than not, you come out sweating profusely thinking you have had a ‘hard’ workout… Continue Reading “SPINNING® CLASSES TAKE A NEW ROUTE”

Focus, Adapt, Achieve: I do practice what I preach!

This has been my strap line for a while now, but little did I know how important it would be in the final months run up to the World Triathlon Championships in New Zealand this year. It has been a tough few months, in… Continue Reading “Focus, Adapt, Achieve: I do practice what I preach!”

Londoner sets Keepy-Uppy World Record!

A personal trainer who recovered from a serious back injury has set a football keepy-uppy world record. Matt Wolstenholme, from north London, established the benchmark for ‘longest distance juggling a football’ by keeping the ball in the air without using his hands for 20… Continue Reading “Londoner sets Keepy-Uppy World Record!”

How to use weight lifting straps

Weight lifting straps are used to aid your grip when lifting heavy weight, but how do you use them and what way do you wrap them?