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Another rose blooms today

I decided to write a poem today as part of the daily prompt challenge: opposite. Poetry isn’t something I regularly write, so be gentle with me! This poem is inspired by the photo I took of my mothers roses in her garden.

Getting back to fitness: Tough times

It’s fair to say that I haven’t had a great time recently. A series of unavoidable circumstances have conspired against me forcing me to place training and racing to the back of my mind for quite some time now. I would even go as… Continue Reading “Getting back to fitness: Tough times”

Make the most of your environment

I have noticed a few odd things these last few days. People PAY to get into the velodrome and walk / jog round the outside of the stands, climbing and descending stairs as they go, round and round and round. I was in the… Continue Reading “Make the most of your environment”

Invercargill triathlon 2013!

Today I went down to the local triathlon, to say hello and introduce myself. I’m in for a rude awakening, as local people place much less value in triathlon, participating in a much wider range of sporting activities instead.

Too cold for Open Water?

There’s still things you can do to train for open water whilst still indoors.

Changing training, changing body shape

Lately I have been feeling a bit like this. I am not suggesting I think I am as fast as these guys, But I do feel like I have a huge wide fat @ss and enormous shoulders!