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Common Q/A for a personal trainer

There’s always some similar questions and answers that a personal trainer gets asked. Everyone wonders, some ask me, some don’t. Over the years I find I answer the same questions, to different people. Here are four common questions I get asked.

Fitting training into your day: a few top tips

It’s fair to say its been a tough phase at work lately. On top of the three P/T courses that I am doing, I don’t have a lot of time to spare for anything else. Thus lately, training has taken a back seat, which… Continue Reading “Fitting training into your day: a few top tips”

Spring…. Into action?

I feel a bit sad. Springtime in England, triathletes are preparing for a new season, it will be my second season into retirement. How life has changed. But, what’s the point on looking back, forwards is the only way.

How to NOT be a triathlete

It weird. I have spent most of the last five years thinking about what I did yesterday, and whether it will fit with what I am doing today and might do tomorrow.

Running, biking and sunshiny evenings

I am beginning to feel a bit more in control. It’s taken me a long time, and the recent knock on the head setback isn’t too much fun, but I am looking forwards and recording the small steps back on the path to where… Continue Reading “Running, biking and sunshiny evenings”

Relaxing theraputic training

I know the title sounds odd but truly I rediscovered this very thing today. I always used to say running was therapeutic. Today I think I hit a epiphany.