Tag: Training Tips Wednesday

Quickie home workout : feel the burn

Here’s a simple 7 minute cardio blast to get your heart pumping , curb the cravings and kick start fat loss. Do them all, one after the other, no rest. 

Quickie 12 minute workout

The added comments below the images on this workout amused me! Check out the pictures, do one minute of each, no stopping. 

7 minute workout Wednesday

I thought I would make this today’s training tip topic, since it is what I just created as a board on Pinterest! This one is  7 minute cardio blast. So, if you haven’t had time today, do this BEFORE tea, or later in the evening,… Continue Reading “7 minute workout Wednesday”

Today’s training tip: spinning warm ups

Today’s spin class was a good one, I knew it was hard when the class were tired after the warm up! Oops! But, how do you warm up for a static spinning session? 

Turbo training tips Wednesday

As the autumn sets in, the weather gets darker and colder, here’s a few indoor turbo (erg) sessions for you to try, keep things varied and sharp 🙂

Sculling drill: explanation and demo

Sculling drills are used a lot in swim training, but what are they, and what do they do? During a swim lesson with a client today he asked for a demo, so we videoed it, I thought it would be useful to share.