A Big thank you for exercising with us!

It has been great having you exercising with us this year. We know the benefits of keeping active, and are glad we could share them with you. We also appreciate that New Zealand is a country full of top quality REPs Registered Exercise Facilities, and some pretty awesome registered exercise professionals, and we love the fact you choose us, one of only two in all of Southland. Continue reading “A Big thank you for exercising with us!”

Creating ‘Opportunities to move’

One of the biggest excuses for not being able to exercise, in my experience, is time. Well, I am throwing down the gauntlet and giving you a challenge. One that, if you choose to accept it, will give you exercise for free, without you really even noticing it! Interested? Then read on!  Continue reading “Creating ‘Opportunities to move’”

Density training for muscle definition

density trainingMany of us want to be lean and have a defined, muscular shape. And we want it fast – both in terms of the time it takes to achieve it, as well as efficient and fast workouts. This article is aimed at people who have this goal. Continue reading “Density training for muscle definition”

Is running good for you?

runnerAny runner will tell you, there is nothing like heading out for a run, the fresh air, the exercise, and the freedom.

Despite bad press on occasion, running or jogging remains one of the go-to exercise options. It’s ongoing popularity due in part to the fact that it requires no special equipment, and that it gives participants the ability to head out the door and run almost anywhere. However, like all physical activity there are some areas you will want to pay attention to ensure you don’t cause yourself injury, and so your running experience is the most positive it can be. Continue reading “Is running good for you?”

What do I mean ‘aerobic base fitness’?

runnerYour aerobic fitness is your ability to take air from your surroundings and produce energy for your muscle cells. Many factors influence aerobic fitness, including your lung efficiency, cardiac function, gender, age, training status and genetic makeup. Continue reading “What do I mean ‘aerobic base fitness’?”