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Gaining perspective: seeing the small steps

it’s easy even for me to lose sight of the small steps of progress because you are too focused on the grand goal.

Masters track training: only 2 weeks to go!

Today’s session left me gasping and wheezing all afternoon. I dragged my ass there today, not 100% ready for the inevitable onslaught.

Land of confusion!

I know I am a bit behind but this daily prompt rang true with me a the moment: name a time when you felt out of place. Easy. Every time I rock up to track masters training and share my session with a bunch… Continue Reading “Land of confusion!”

Track cycling, track racing, spinning the legs

It’s really a fabulous thing to be able to sit in a velodrome, a local one at that, front row right by the start line, and watch elite track cyclists riding round on a track that you regularly ride on too!

Fun on the bends: riding at 45 degree angles!

I must be mad, strutting into here on a day like this! Today, though, I had a blast! Tuesday is usually a quiet roll around, I simply use it as time on the track. There’s an odd mix of people there nowadays, with racing… Continue Reading “Fun on the bends: riding at 45 degree angles!”

Masters track training and sweep oars

I went to the rowing club alone today: OH crushed his finger on Friday, so is out of action for quite some time. Because I cannot guarantee that I will be there on Monday evening, due to work, They took us out in an… Continue Reading “Masters track training and sweep oars”