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Day 50: back to the track- slopey cycling!

Back to the track this evening could mean only one thing: hard assed work, fast legs and slopey cycling!

A new slant on Turbo training: leg speed

With inclement windy old spring down here (and I mean WINDY!) and dark nights rolling in up there in the Northern hemisphere, we both have a reason to use the turbo. But how about a slightly different attack? I gained this one from trying… Continue Reading “A new slant on Turbo training: leg speed”

Track crash Tuesday!

Not exactly how I expected to spend a Tuesday. It was my first time back to the track in quite a while. I was intending to just mooch around at my own speed, ease back in slowly. I pumped the tyres up (116psi) cleaned… Continue Reading “Track crash Tuesday!”

A sandwich kinda day

it’s been a funny day. I set out with great hopes, but it didn’t all pan out as I expected.

NZ Masters games race 1: silver medallist!

What an incredible day for surprises, for sure, and not just the obvious!

One day to go: NZ masters games!

I feel strangely calm. I think it’s because I have absolutely no pressure on myself, none at all. I go into the New Zealand Masters Games with only one expectation: to enjoy it!