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Weekly Photo challenge: An unrepeatable sporting challenge

Let me set the scene for this photo. I had just come back from the Triathlon World championships in Auckland, which I was advised NOT to do due to upcoming knee surgery that was scheduled  for the DAY AFTER the Tough Mudder race. I ended up in… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo challenge: An unrepeatable sporting challenge”

Weekly photo challenge: 2012 in pictures

I had a good old look for a selection of photos that truly represented my 2012. This post is different to my montage I posted recently in so much as I represent a range of things that happened in my 2012 calendar through photos,… Continue Reading “Weekly photo challenge: 2012 in pictures”

Tough Mudder 2012

We completed Tough Mudder as part of team Sports Sister and team Breo. Thanks guys, I would NEVER have done it without you!! To be honest, I ignored all the hype about this being ‘probably the toughest race on the planet’, and I also… Continue Reading “Tough Mudder 2012”

Tough Mudder: less than a week to go!

Tough Mudder: 7 days to go! So, it’s less than a week now till I undergo the monstrous 12 mile muddy obstacle course somewhere in the depths of Manchester as part of team Breo and team Sports sister. But how am I feeling about… Continue Reading “Tough Mudder: less than a week to go!”

Tough Mudder 2012 – the male view!

Having served in the army I have always been a keen runner, but my fitness has been up and down since I left the forces, I didn’t think I needed to keep fit after doing it for so long, but when u run for… Continue Reading “Tough Mudder 2012 – the male view!”

Tough Mudder 2012… I hope I am tough enough!!

A very surreal thing happened to me recently. I write for Sports sister occasionally, and regularly get emails asking for someone to do a specific race and write a report for the Sports sister web site. I was sitting with iPhone in hand when… Continue Reading “Tough Mudder 2012… I hope I am tough enough!!”