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Was Marilyn Monroe Fat? Is P!nk Fat? NO!!!

Size discrimination: are we encouraging anorexia in our media? I think so. Have a look at this video. Listen to what all the ladies in the video say.

How does sprint training help endurance athletes?

Endurance training improves peak oxygen performance (V02), increases capillary density of working muscle, raises blood volume and decreases heart rate. Sprint training has a greater effect on muscle glycolytic capacity. i.e improves your ability to disperse lactic acid build up thus tolerate longer high… Continue Reading “How does sprint training help endurance athletes?”

Make excuses? Join project get me back again!

I saw a photo yesterday that jolted me into reality. Now before you leap to conclusions, it’s only small changes I need to make but it’s still weight loss and regaining fitness nonetheless.

Beware of the secret hidden sugars!

For decades, it’s been drummed into us that saturated fat is the greatest dietary evil, so it seems hard to believe that sugar is actually worse. But there’s a growing body of expert opinion that, in fact, it’s sugar that’s to blame for so… Continue Reading “Beware of the secret hidden sugars!”

Obesity is worse than they feared

A report in the Daily Mail today states that  half of Britons will be obese by 2050 are an ‘underestimate’, a shock report warns today. The obesity epidemic could be far worse than predicted because experts did not factor in how much fatter we are… Continue Reading “Obesity is worse than they feared”

Body image: not just a female issue

Very Interesting that I spotted this discussion in the local paper today. We always assume body image is a woman thing. But not necessarily. Guys are just as susceptible to magazine cover models as girls are.