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‘Catch’ Swim drills progression

Here is a series of swim drills I was given a while back, the purpose is to develop the catch phase of the freestyle stroke. It is a progressive set of drills, which should be done in succession.

Fingers apart or fingers together – which makes for more swim propulsion?

Just before I set off to the pool this morning, I took my rings off. My husband asked what was I doing? I said I can’t get my fingers together to swim with all the rings on. He asked me why I would want… Continue Reading “Fingers apart or fingers together – which makes for more swim propulsion?”

GB Triathlete Melanie helps launch SWIMFIT

Thursday 27 January saw Waendel Leisure centre in Wellingborough launch its new SWIMFIT programme.  In assiciation with the ASA, Waendel Leisure centre hopes to engage and enthuse local recreational swimmers back into swimming as a form of fitness.

Does a swim cap make me faster?

I had a bad morning today. I rode into 2 fences on the way to the pool. I also forgot my swim cap. I have NEVER done this before, and I must confess had a mini crisis when I realised. I NEVER swim without… Continue Reading “Does a swim cap make me faster?”