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The benefits of aqua jogging

Coach gave me aqua jogging in my schedule this week for the first time. This is in preparation for my knee operation on Monday. To be honest, I hated the whole idea.

Why high elbows for front crawl?

Effective front crawl arm action involves engaging the biggest muscle groups in the shoulder, for maximum power. Which are those? They are the lats.

The Perishing Waters of Box End

I often wonder why I do what I do. Why was I up at 6am today, why was I even considering a dip in a lake when my car thermometer was telling me it was 4 degrees outside! Why are we considering this an… Continue Reading “The Perishing Waters of Box End”

First open water outing of the season!

Normally I would not be dashing to the shores of Box End Lake the moment it opens in April, due to the incredibly harsh water temperatures involved with early spring in this wonderful isle of ours. BUT, due to the fact that I fly… Continue Reading “First open water outing of the season!”

NLP visualisation: How to keep count of your lengths!

I was in the swimming pool the other day, nothing unusual really, I go regularly. But this time, I managed to stumble upon a visualisation technique that helped me keep count of the laps. Yes, really! Want to know what it was?

Guest Blog: Lumie Competition: Hurry – only 24 hrs left!

WIN tickets to the British Gas Swimming Championships! As an Official Supplier to the British Swimming team, Lumie has been given fantastic VIP tickets to the British Gas Swimming Championships taking place 3 – 10 March. This is a big pre-Olympic event at the… Continue Reading “Guest Blog: Lumie Competition: Hurry – only 24 hrs left!”