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Sprint swim Tuesday: I do have muscle memory?

Today was my second go at 15x50m. I also went to the gym yesterday, and (great news) the DOMS weren’t as bad as last week. That’s a relief, I could hardly lift a hair brush!

Psychology of the long swim: yet another approach!

 I think this is my favourite one so far. Today I had contact lenses in, and was in a lane close to the clock. 

50m sprints swim day: ADD 5!

Today is sprint reps day and today I decided to add 5. In total it would be 3 x 5 x 50m. As always – I am exercising the 5 second rule, only a 5 second margin of error for all the times. 

The long swim: adapt or flail!

It is long swim day today, 4km. I have written about this a few of my previous times. Today I had another variable to contend with: where’s the clock!

The psychology of swimming, according to me!

Its a funny thing, the head, and lately I have only just started to discover how much of a mind game I can actually play with myself. I used to limit myself with my won beliefs, but now all I do is constantly surprise… Continue Reading “The psychology of swimming, according to me!”

Swim n stroll Tuesday: MAKING time

I managed them both today: a swim – nice and steady – and a chillax walk in the bush. Amazingly I didn’t get wet, except for my feet as the grassy parts of Thompsons Bush was really waterlogged! Oops. Oh well, still its a… Continue Reading “Swim n stroll Tuesday: MAKING time”