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Long swim chillax session!

Today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the long swim so I set off to the pool without an agenda, to just see how it went.

The beauty of 50 metres

I jumped at the chance to swim in the pool this weekend while the bulk head was open. SUCH A rarity. But it enabled me to focus more on a number of things having a longer length before a turn.

Long swim Monday: You may NOT pass go!

Yep, it moved along a few days! I was presented with a new ‘problem’ today. My lap counter has given up the ghost, I have ordered another. But, I have a feeling that it is a UK company, so I could be waiting three… Continue Reading “Long swim Monday: You may NOT pass go!”

Tortoise and hare theory: how to go faster

Today I went for a swim and the plan was to do 100m sprint reps. I applied the above theory and the results were conclusive.

Long Swim Saturday: a new plan

This is the 5th week I have done the 4km swim. I now have a plan that gets me through the 4km, without counting laps, obsessing over how far I have done, and doubting if I can get to the end. So now for… Continue Reading “Long Swim Saturday: a new plan”

Impromptu double distance swim sprints Sunday!

The knee was still grumbling about all that I put it through yesterday with my 10km tramp, so I was wondering if rowing this morning would be wise. The fact that I forgot to put the alarm clock forward a hour meant that it… Continue Reading “Impromptu double distance swim sprints Sunday!”