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Swimming pool fitness entertainment..

Since starting back to regular swimming it has amused me to watch the sorts of people that I encounter. I don’t consider myself one of the fastest around, these Southlanders are a sporty lot, plus I’m not training for racing any more, just fitness… Continue Reading “Swimming pool fitness entertainment..”

Big Ruby swim race report

This is a race that was meant to happen last year, and was a warm up for my team challenge Wanaka effort, me as the swimmer. It was blown off, quite literally, so this year, it was take two! In fact, the same weekend… Continue Reading “Big Ruby swim race report”

Dragging your Sunday butt into action!

Sunday afternoon, feet up, howling gales and rain outside, feel like going to do some exercise? No, not really! With the Ruby a week away, I suppose I should!

Beginners guide to swimming in open water

I absolutely love open water swimming. I liken it to running on a treadmill v running outdoors. Nothing beats it. But, you need to be properly prepared. In the video bow, I swam from this shore to the bank in the distance and back.… Continue Reading “Beginners guide to swimming in open water”

How to build swim fitness 

I was swimming with hubby today, in the glorious Gold Coast Aquatics centre, 3 outdoor pools, two outdoor fully equipped gyms! That’s when you know they don’t expect it to rain that much!   He regularly asks how does he get his swim fitness up,… Continue Reading “How to build swim fitness “

Day 42: last sea swim pre Wanaka

Today was likely to be the last time pre Challenge Wanaka that I would get a chance to sea swim, so when I was tossing up between a row or a swim, after work today, it had to be a swim! Beautiful warm still afternoon… Continue Reading “Day 42: last sea swim pre Wanaka”