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How to build swim fitness 

I was swimming with hubby today, in the glorious Gold Coast Aquatics centre, 3 outdoor pools, two outdoor fully equipped gyms! That’s when you know they don’t expect it to rain that much!   He regularly asks how does he get his swim fitness up,… Continue Reading “How to build swim fitness “

Day 25: long swim day

A couple of surprising things happened today: the long swim (160 lengths/ 4km) was faster than I expected, despite hitting an ‘it it over yet’ period at 92 lengths I couldn’t eat my beloved post swim pancakes, only managed half the plate, when I… Continue Reading “Day 25: long swim day”

Day 22: switching up the swim set

Today I was actually quite proud of myself. I managed to not buy coffee and a cake despite wanting to and managed to best use a swim session and adapt on the spot. Good flexibility and best use of time. 

Long swim Tuesday: lengthy monotony!

Today I decided to swim long. In order to ensure I had completed the full distance I went to the pool. My new swim location, Colac Bay can wait, I want to ease myself into that gently. 4km is no way to explore a… Continue Reading “Long swim Tuesday: lengthy monotony!”

Long swim chillax session!

Today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the long swim so I set off to the pool without an agenda, to just see how it went.

Long swim Monday: You may NOT pass go!

Yep, it moved along a few days! I was presented with a new ‘problem’ today. My lap counter has given up the ghost, I have ordered another. But, I have a feeling that it is a UK company, so I could be waiting three… Continue Reading “Long swim Monday: You may NOT pass go!”