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Rethink Sugary drinks 

The Dietary Guidelines recommend consuming only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing sugars. The recommendations suggest limiting our intake of soft drinks, cordials and juice drinks, warning that just 250ml of soft drink may contain up to 30g of added sugar.

The difference between added and natural sugars

Sugar is the most common ingredient used today when it comes to adding sweetness to a dish. But, this ingredient has gained bad reputation and it is also believed that it can be as addictive as alcohol. There are different types of sugar out… Continue Reading “The difference between added and natural sugars”


Mary Poppins may have sworn by a spoonful of sugar, but today she’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a sweetener. But, asks Scott Josephson, do you know what you’re getting when you click that dispenser or tear open that little… Continue Reading “ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, OR SWEET NOTHING?”

Nigel Latta: is sugar the new fat?

I decided to divert today, in light of the Nigel Latta programme that was on TV last night: ‘Is sugar the new fat?’.¬†Sugar is something I have written about lots of times before.

Beware of the secret hidden sugars!

For decades, it’s been drummed into us that saturated fat is the greatest dietary evil, so it seems hard to believe that sugar is actually worse. But there’s a growing body of expert opinion that, in fact, it’s sugar that’s to blame for so… Continue Reading “Beware of the secret hidden sugars!”

Sugar is as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco

Britain’s obesity crisis could be reversed within five years if food companies reduced sugar in products by 30 per cent, health experts claim as they launch a new campaign to cut intake. I found this in the national news today and it’s really shocking,… Continue Reading “Sugar is as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco”