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Strength training: what’s that?

With the abundance of choice that we have, when it comes to choosing exercise options, it can be hard to decide what’s important to add in to a workout. At the end of the day, moving and being active in any way is a… Continue Reading “Strength training: what’s that?”

Complete strength with loaded movement training

Strength training is one of the most popular practices of conditioning. When people decide they want to lose weight, gain weight, perform better, or exercise for better health, strength training is likely to be considered. When we think of strength training, we think of… Continue Reading “Complete strength with loaded movement training”

Density training for muscle definition

Many of us want to be lean and have a defined, muscular shape. And we want it fast – both in terms of the time it takes to achieve it, as well as efficient and fast workouts. This article is aimed at people who have… Continue Reading “Density training for muscle definition”

Making the most of limited training time

I have said this before I am sure, but this blog was born out of a conversations recently had with an athlete. Balance, training wisely and REST are the key to success.

How does sprint training help endurance athletes?

Endurance training improves peak oxygen performance (V02), increases capillary density of working muscle, raises blood volume and decreases heart rate. Sprint training has a greater effect on muscle glycolytic capacity. i.e improves your ability to disperse lactic acid build up thus tolerate longer high… Continue Reading “How does sprint training help endurance athletes?”

Lift weights, get slim!

I was having this conversation the other day with someone, which prompted me to blog about this topic: I am sure I have already but that doesn’t matter. There seems to be a myth over strength training in the gym.