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The philosophy behind Strength and conditioning

This is based on a seminar I attended recently by David Sutton, UKSCA Accredited Strength Conditioning Coach and Sport Science consultant. This is my interpretation on the information I received. It’s certainly worth a read, I was surprised how interesting and engaging he was.… Continue Reading “The philosophy behind Strength and conditioning”

Resistance workout at home

Today I looked out of the window and thought eeeeeeuuugh!! I was due to cycle to the gym at 6am to do a strength workout. But the snow and icy weather put me right off! had I had the car this morning I would have gone no… Continue Reading “Resistance workout at home”

The hilarious goings on on the track this week!

I did a run training session today with Kieth Molloy, my run coach. He was under orders from Steve Casson, my triathlon coach, to go easy on me because it is recovery week. I asked him last week what he had in mind, I was… Continue Reading “The hilarious goings on on the track this week!”