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Complete strength with loaded movement training

Strength training is one of the most popular practices of conditioning. When people decide they want to lose weight, gain weight, perform better, or exercise for better health, strength training is likely to be considered. When we think of strength training, we think of… Continue Reading “Complete strength with loaded movement training”

Importance of ‘The Core’!

I am not sure what you guys out there think with regards to core and strength training but I know quite a lot of people traditionally have considered it something that you incorporate into winter training schedules, in preparation for something different and more… Continue Reading “Importance of ‘The Core’!”

Winter training – getting the fitness back!

When I started the winter, it was with the knowledge that unlike other years, I was not progressing from a great seasons racing, I was in fact starting on the project ‘regain fitness’. I lost over two months training and racing during last summer… Continue Reading “Winter training – getting the fitness back!”

My strength and conditioning update – progress after 6 weeks

I went again to see David Sutton today. It’s been just over a month and I have been working on strengthening the glutes, hams, hip flexors and improving unilateral balance. I was interested to see what he made of it. To be honest, the… Continue Reading “My strength and conditioning update – progress after 6 weeks”

Strength & Conditioning – the verdict one month on

It has been around a month since David Sutton (@PerformTrain) and I met for our initial strength and conditioning session. Read about the initial meeting here and read about David Sutton’s philosophy on Strength and Conditioning here (or here for mobile version excluding the powerpoint… Continue Reading “Strength & Conditioning – the verdict one month on”

Weight training or strength and Conditioning?

I went to see David Sutton a few weeks ago, (UKSCA strength and conditioning coach, and @PerformTrain on twitter) having listened to a talk he did at my triathlon club. I was impressed and intrigued by his slightly different approach to strength training. His… Continue Reading “Weight training or strength and Conditioning?”