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Maximum use of minimum training time

I have been working irregular hours this week, which means that its been a challenge at times to fit any training in around things. Like I always say, work pays for life so that comes first, but it is necessar to be flexible when… Continue Reading “Maximum use of minimum training time”

Impromptu double distance swim sprints Sunday!

The knee was still grumbling about all that I put it through yesterday with my 10km tramp, so I was wondering if rowing this morning would be wise. The fact that I forgot to put the alarm clock forward a hour meant that it… Continue Reading “Impromptu double distance swim sprints Sunday!”

Sprint swim Tuesday: I do have muscle memory?

Today was my second go at 15x50m. I also went to the gym yesterday, and (great news) the DOMS weren’t as bad as last week. That’s a relief, I could hardly lift a hair brush!

The psychology of swimming, according to me!

Its a funny thing, the head, and lately I have only just started to discover how much of a mind game I can actually play with myself. I used to limit myself with my won beliefs, but now all I do is constantly surprise… Continue Reading “The psychology of swimming, according to me!”