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New class: what exactly is Spin Circuits?

This is a new concept we invented to enable us to add more spin to the timetable: but in a slightly different way. We have listened to feedback and our clients tell us that spin classes are so popular (we have almost a three… Continue Reading “New class: what exactly is Spin Circuits?”

Today’s training tip: spinning warm ups

Today’s spin class was a good one, I knew it was hard when the class were tired after the warm up! Oops! But, how do you warm up for a static spinning session?¬†

Day 92: Spin session plans / playlists available soon!

I was surprised I got anyone at spin today, being the first day back after the long Easter break, but there was a good lunchtime attendance, all things considered. Today I decided to go for a dance theme, hmmm. I’m not sure I will… Continue Reading “Day 92: Spin session plans / playlists available soon!”

Day 85: I LOVE my job!

I had one of those days today. A day where I feel like I have arrived. Today I spent an hour at lunch time instructing a spin class, my first one for my local gym. And it was awesome. Being paid to exercise on… Continue Reading “Day 85: I LOVE my job!”

Day 71: more business planning

Work work work. There’s a lot to sort when you’re setting up for full time sole trader. Much to read, as well as balancing something a little more regular that will bring the dollars in. Today was a reading and appointments day, with a… Continue Reading “Day 71: more business planning”

Day 65: boxing busy, and spin class news!!

It’s been a busy old day today, growing networks, trying new things. I can happily announce I take my first spin class for YMCA in Invercargill on 1 April, which is exciting, then we are¬†going to take it from there. I am now successfully… Continue Reading “Day 65: boxing busy, and spin class news!!”