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Day 82: A smoothie recipe and a trick with yoghurt

I decided that today was the day that I needed to exercise some balance in my life. If I’m not careful, my keen-ness to get this business off the ground will mean that I actually work 24/7. Oh how easy that would be to… Continue Reading “Day 82: A smoothie recipe and a trick with yoghurt”

Day 74: invent-a-smoothie!

A miserable day and a spare afternoon means only one thing: swim or turbo. Since it’s Saturday afternoon, which I consider to be a nightmare time of the week to go to the pool, I opted for turbo. This time I decided to go… Continue Reading “Day 74: invent-a-smoothie!”

Day 69: Two more new recipes

I decided to crack two of my goals this week today, and start as mean to go on! So I had dinner sans carbs and went to the gym to do a strength session! 

Day 63: new smoothie and egg bake recipes

A few odd things happened today. I almost called this blog ‘an odd thing happened on a trip to the supermarket!’ Faced with cakes and biscuits several times today, I walked away without wanting or purchasing any. I tried a new YUMMY magic bullet… Continue Reading “Day 63: new smoothie and egg bake recipes”

Day 45: challenge Wanaka final countdown

Today was a work and pamper day, with a hair do to sort and grey roots to banish for my Wanaka finish photo at the weekend!

Day 44: more unusual smoothie recipes

Today was the day I first tried avocado, in a smoothie along with some other curious ingredient combos. Some are working for me, some are quite honestly a little odd, but I keep an open mind!