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Day 51: taking out Riley

I was having a bit of a dilemma today: rowing or swimming, the water and the day was beautiful, if I had time I would have done both! As it was, rowing won simply because I haven’t been recently.

Day 5: fun on the water

Today is what we used to call ‘freeforall Friday’. It doesn’t mean binge day, it means we can have a few treats, for behaving all week. The thing is, if you deny yourself something, you just want it more.

Singles number 4!

Off I went on the river, single sculls, and I still dread it! I was told a vital and most important training tip today though: Focus on one thing only, each time. Today I decided trying to go in a straight line would be… Continue Reading “Singles number 4!”

Grip tight and you might not fall in…

originally I was not going to go to the rowing club at all today, it was hammering down, and they don’t usually go out in a storm. When I got there, I would have not needed much of an excuse to go home and… Continue Reading “Grip tight and you might not fall in…”

First go at a single sculls and I didn’t fall in!

The start of autumn is probably not the best time to go out for your first time in a wibbly wobbly seriously unstable single sculls boat, but it is something I have always wanted to try, so I thought lets go, when I was… Continue Reading “First go at a single sculls and I didn’t fall in!”