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Free seminar – finding your mojo!

It’s roughly that time of year, right? New Year’s resolutions have gone out the window, you feel like giving up, then lock down came along! We have an interactive workshop to help you get back on track!

FREE Webinar education series: book now!

It’s coming up to week 4 of lock down and things are getting tough. So, we thought we would launch a mini webinar series to help you make it through the next phase of the fight against covid-19 – whatever that might look like!… Continue Reading “FREE Webinar education series: book now!”

Making my own book of positivity

I have had Dr Kerry Spackman’s ‘the winner’s bible’ for a while but haven’t really committed serious time to reading all of it. I decided now was a good time. He talks about being able to re-wire your brain. As psychology and NLP run… Continue Reading “Making my own book of positivity”