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#7 Resistant starch and its role in weight loss

Following on from the second in the three part series ‘Why are we fat?’ Mikki Williden mentioned in the program that resistant starch aids weight loss. We looked into this, explain what it means, how it can help and give you tips on how…

Why should I read the small print on my gym contract?

A review of the Commerce commission report into unfair clauses in gym contracts

A Day in the life of a small business owner

A day in the life: what it’s like to be me!

Why can I lose centimetres but not weight?

 #1 of the Ryding2Health Why? Series: our most commonly asked question – why can I lose centimetres but my weight stays the same?

Burning Rubber Bootcamp starts 7 April

Its all in the name!? How I chose my business name!

Today’s daily post: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. Quite some thought went into this name, when I first launched the company. I decided that there must be some way that I could take advantage of my…