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Top 5 running form mistakes: how to run faster

Are you making one of the following running form mistakes? There is a lot of chatter surrounding proper running form in today’s running world, which makes it very difficult to discern which approach is appropriate or suitable for you. To make matters worse, we… Continue Reading “Top 5 running form mistakes: how to run faster”

Why it was OK to give up triathlon

Quite often I get comments such as it is a shame you had to give up triathlon, and quit team GB so, today I decided to explain why it is OK that this has happened, and my life was forced to take another path.

10 tips for spring speed

Ten Ways to Improve Speed Carl Lewis ran 9.92 seconds at the Seoul Olympics for a new American record in the 100 meters. Lewis won the gold medal after Ben Johnson tested positive for steroids. Lewis stated that he had run as fast as he… Continue Reading “10 tips for spring speed”

My last running race… EVER

So that’s it: I’m now officially a retired triathlete and a retired runner too. It doesn’t seem quite real.

Training tips from Usain Bolt

I found this article in GQ.com.au and its worth a look. I took out my favourite tips of all, and here they all are.

Not running a running race!

You notice all sorts of things about how other people tackle a running event, when you are not supposed to be running. Although I am not allowed to run any more, I had paid for the whole series before hand, so I feel compelled… Continue Reading “Not running a running race!”