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Book review: Just a little run around the world, Rosie Swale Pope

I’ll start with one simple phrase: GO AND GET THIS BOOK. You will struggle to find anything more inspiration than Rosie.

Most popular health and fitness questions: answered

Today, inspired by the daily post, is thought I would answer some of the most popular questions I usually hear or get asked, in relation to training, fitness and nutrition. 

Speed on the go: run workouts that don’t take all day

Brilliant wee article I found on making the most of short time availability, to gain run speed.

7 Tips for your first half marathon

Marathon / half marathon season is coming up soon here, so today’s Training tips Wednesday focusses on some tips to set you running off in the right direction!

CSC Muddy Buddy 2014

I did this ‘race’ last year, it was immediately after I arrived and I was roped into it. Somehow this year I got TALKED into it: it was going to be interesting for someone who hasn’t run for a year!

Top 5 running form mistakes: how to run faster

Are you making one of the following running form mistakes? There is a lot of chatter surrounding proper running form in today’s running world, which makes it very difficult to discern which approach is appropriate or suitable for you. To make matters worse, we…