Is running good for you?

runnerAny runner will tell you, there is nothing like heading out for a run, the fresh air, the exercise, and the freedom.

Despite bad press on occasion, running or jogging remains one of the go-to exercise options. It’s ongoing popularity due in part to the fact that it requires no special equipment, and that it gives participants the ability to head out the door and run almost anywhere. However, like all physical activity there are some areas you will want to pay attention to ensure you don’t cause yourself injury, and so your running experience is the most positive it can be. Continue reading “Is running good for you?”

Get better at running long and slow for Ironman

Running at ‘Ironman pace’ can often be unnatural for triathletes as it’s different to strength–based, fast running with quick rhythmical movements.

In most competitions we race faster than we train, but in an Ironman marathon our pace is often considerably slower than our easy running pace. Continue reading “Get better at running long and slow for Ironman”