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South Island masters regatta day 1: 5000m races

Beautiful day up here in Clyde, but man, it’s cold. I have no idea why they think the first weekend of winter is a good time of a major regatta!

Indoors is simply NOT like the outdoors!

Whether it’s the rowing machine, treadmill or indoor bike, the statement is still the same: stationary isn’t the same as the real thing. I was always aware of the fact that running indoors wasn’t the same, you use different muscles. On a treadmill the… Continue Reading “Indoors is simply NOT like the outdoors!”

Cock eyed wrist rowing corrections!

Today was a beautiful day, so I was pleased to get another chance to get out onto the river before I return to work, and dark evening Erg sessions next week. 

Another indoor Erg – Ack!

I seriously thought today’s weather was good enough for actual rowing, was looking forwards after my sickness, to getting outside. When I arrived at the rowing club, they were all sitting round the table, procrastinating, so I knew this wasn’t going to go as… Continue Reading “Another indoor Erg – Ack!”

Why it was OK to give up triathlon

Quite often I get comments such as it is a shame you had to give up triathlon, and quit team GB so, today I decided to explain why it is OK that this has happened, and my life was forced to take another path.

Row, tea and scones on Sunday morning!

Relaxing in the garden after a big mornings row! we had a meeting after the session so plenty of masters turned up. Three quads to be precise.