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Day 34: Southland champs regatta

Eating back on track, mindset back on track, training back on track which is just as well, because today was race day: Southland Champs! People are also starting to comment so the loss must now be much more noticeable. 

Day 26: rowing, then oopsie

An action packed day of rowing, the role of tourist guide and some out of the ordinary eating habits!

Day 5: fun on the water

Today is what we used to call ‘freeforall Friday’. It doesn’t mean binge day, it means we can have a few treats, for behaving all week. The thing is, if you deny yourself something, you just want it more.

Singles rowing – peace on the river

Today marked another first for me: first time unlocking the rowing club and first time taking myself out in a single. I mean alone, aka no one around at all.

Dunstan regatta: day 2

Today I had two races again, 4’s and doubles. Everything was very relaxed and running to schedule when I arrived. Our borrowed no4 crew member said she could only sit on a stroke side seat (in 4’s each person has only one oar, not… Continue Reading “Dunstan regatta: day 2”

Dunstan Regatta day 1

Due to an injury following the Hump a Ridge walk (just tired leg need a new knee syndrome I think, it’s ok now, I rested it for two weeks) I missed the Legion regatta last week. This was to be my third race of… Continue Reading “Dunstan Regatta day 1”