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Day 24: wobbling a novice down the river!

Another coaching first today: rowing coaching. We wobbled down the river, to the sounds of screams, I whipped my coaching voice out and everything! 

How NOT to use a rowing machine!

I was in the gym the other day, minding my own business and a woman was being coached by a personal trainer. He took her to the rowing machine as part of her workout and OMG I was horrified at how bad the technique… Continue Reading “How NOT to use a rowing machine!”

There’s always more: training tips Wednesday

I went to the rowing club on Monday evening, knowing it would be an indoor row. It wouldn’t take much to dissuade me from it. I even considered going home and not actually going inside the building. When I was just about to drive… Continue Reading “There’s always more: training tips Wednesday”

DOMS Tuesday; how to cope…

I guess I should have expected it, erg rowing at a good steady pace followed by a swim the following morning. However, it’s not all bad. Monday was, let’s say, a challenging start to the week. Long day at work, missed the rowing club… Continue Reading “DOMS Tuesday; how to cope…”

Another indoor Erg – Ack!

I seriously thought today’s weather was good enough for actual rowing, was looking forwards after my sickness, to getting outside. When I arrived at the rowing club, they were all sitting round the table, procrastinating, so I knew this wasn’t going to go as… Continue Reading “Another indoor Erg – Ack!”

Indoor rowing, rowing club style! :-0

Rowing machine, something we all see in the gym, we have probably all used, but have you used one in a rowing club? That’s quite a different experience.